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Learning that your child has special needs can open the flood gates to an overwhelming number of questions, options, and concerns. At Rayim, we see helping families in our community navigate these unfamiliar waters as our first task. All you need to do to start receiving help and guidance from us is to get in touch

Once we’ve had a conversation to learn about your child’s situation, your family, and your needs, we’ll start the process of establishing your eligibility and obtaining the services you need. Our staff will guide you through every step of the process:

  • We will assign you to our eligibility coordinator, who will advise you on compiling the documentation you need to gain eligibility for services, including evaluations and forms from doctors.
  • If any testing is needed, we have a psychologist and a social worker as part of our team, who are ready to evaluate new individuals.
  • Upon an eligibility determination, Rayim’s intake coordinator will begin the Front Door process with you, to determine which services are appropriate for your child and family.
  • We will provide guidance in setting up and participating in an interview (EAA) with your child at a local DDRO office to get to know the individualized needs and services we will provide.
  • Upon approval for services you and your child will be matched with a caseworker who will help you receive services, benefit from our resources, and participate in Rayim events.

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