Rayim Support Hotline

The Rayim ‘V’eminuschu Baleilois’ (ואמונתך בלילות) hotline is always just a phone call away at 929.600.9600 or 845.351.9600. It’s there to help families stay in touch with the Rayim family, get the latest news about our organization, listen to insightful stories and helpful advice, and hear recordings on topics of special interest to our community.

Callers can choose from a large menu of options, including weekly recordings by our moderator - Mrs. Shavy Grossberg, specialty recordings, a public forum where community members can leave messages to share information and advice, Rayim updates and seasonal series. Our hotline system makes it easy to listen even during a busy day by letting callers pause, forward, rewind, and even bookmark recordings. Callers can also leave private messages for Rayim staff at the hotline number.

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